Touch Arcade Review by Jared Nelson

In early April, developer Cmune soft-launched their newest mobile first-person shooter Deadheads, and if you missed out on that chance to play the game early then I have some good news for you: Deadheads [Free] has launched worldwide as of this past weekend. If the name Cmune sounds familiar to you, it's because they've created quite a few mobile FPS games over the years. Their 2012 release UberStrike was their first game and was a smash hit, collecting more than 25 million players, but that sort of unexpected success is a blessing and a curse as the team was not prepared for that amount of players and the game was not designed to be easily updated and scaled. 

Deadheads originally started as a complete rewrite of UberStrike that took those problems into consideration. In addition, Cmune also put out a game called Bullet Forcein 2014 as well as one called Squad Wars which just launched this past January. Deadheads, though, represents the game they have always envisioned making and the one they want to put their entire focus on going forward. They've since pulled all their previous games from the App Store and shut down their servers, so from here on out it's all systems go for Deadheads.

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